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Live Guides Booklets Dressmaking
Live Guides Booklets Belts & Accessories $3.50
Live Guides Booklets Breaking the Rules of sewing $6.00
Live Guides Booklets  Copies of Ready Mades $6.00
Live Guides Booklets  Custom Cut Jacket $6.00
Live Guides Booklets  Custom Patterns $6.00
Live Guides Booklets Fit & Embroideries $3.50
Live Guides Booklets Skirts $2.50
Live Guides Booklets Shoulder Pads $2.50

Live Guides Booklets Serging
Live Guides Booklets Decorative Threads $6.00
Live Guides Booklets Lingerie $3.50
Live Guides Booklets Solving the Mystery of Tension $3.50
Live Guides Booklets Troubleshooting & Gifts $3.50

CD’S  Three Ways To Learn CD’s
$15.00ea.  Three for $40 All 7 for $70.00
Boston Legal Jacket
Blue Jacket

Copper ruffle Jacket
Swing & pleated Jackets
How to Copy Finished Garments
Red Pantsuit
Tummy Tuck Jeans
Comfy Tailored Pants & Skirts

Easy Fun Creative Techniques

Dressmaking DVD’s One tape $20.00    All five $85.00
Video # 1   Basics & Collars
Video # 2   Zippers
Video  #3   Design Details Shoulder Pads
Video  #4   Pockets Waistbands Pants
Video  #5   Belts Lumpless Collar Joints

Serging DVD’s One tape $20.00    All five  $85.00
Decorative Threads
Serger Sewing
Solving the Mystery of Tension
Troubleshooting & Gifts



Point Former & Loop turner

Micro Tip Scissors

One Step Needle Thrader

Surgical Seam Ripper


Elastic Waist Inserts

1″ Sew Thru Elastic

1 3/4″”  Sew Thru Elastic

2 1/2″”  Sew Thru Elastic

1/4″ Transparent Elastic