Serger 911-Hands On

Kathy Ruddy, the creator of 5 Serger videos, will teach how to love your Serger. Learn easy thread changing techniques. Learn what width and length is on your Serger and how to use them to fine tune your stitch patterns. Learn about differential feed and Lycra. Begin your class with pre-cut fabric pieces, and leave with completed samples of each technique for a Serger pocket, corners and circles, 10 minute tank top and Serger jacket each crafted to teach you how to get the best from your serger. This class is appropriate for all levels of sewers.

The Kit: includes: pre-cut fabric samples and thread to use during the class.

All you need to bring to class:

Your Serger set for four thread balanced stitching, tested and working for a consistent 8” of balanced stitching sample placed under the needle of your Serger for me to check as you enter the classroom. Also bring a power strip and extension cord.

*Note If your machine cannot do this it has a timing issue, that must be checked and corrected by a repair man before class.

Student Supply List: a stapler, basic sewing supplies, scissors, , and pins.