Follow Here is a little preview of what we will be doing in the Copy Cat Workshop in Atlanta and Lakeland in March. Sign up for the class at

Copy Cat Workshop Pre-View

Follow Oh yes I will be in Atlanta March 11 to 13th. So excited to be teaching again. Of course I will have my booth setup, and I will be teaching these classes. You can sign up for these at,GA.aspx Of course there will be safety protocols go to […]

See You In Atlanta

Follow Kathy’s granddaughter, Violet, wanted this outfit so bad but the price tag was over $100.00. So Grandma Kathy, copied it, made a pattern and sewed the garment. You too, can learn how to use wax paper to lift patterns off of finished garments on this website, by ordering the […]

Violets Copied Outfit

Follow Kathy Ruddy is back to show you how to sew and serge fast, with out sacrificing quality, fit or fashion. Over 100 plus classes to choose from. Find Kathy’s classes on pg 11, 12, 34 and 42. Check out the class schedule at

2020 Sewing & Stitchery Expo Feb. 27 – March 1

Follow Join me, Kathy Ruddy at Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Worcester, MA! You will have three days to shop, take classes and attend workshops. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn new techniques from myself and the many other talented teachers. Check out my calendar page September 12th thru […]

See You In Worcester, MA!

Follow Did you know that Kathy Ruddy has been an instructor at Expo since the beginning? This picture is from the 1987 flyer! Don’t miss out on another opportunity to learn from Kathy by signing up for class #4923 Copy Cat Sewing Workshop. Discover how to create a whole new […]

32 Years – Kathy Teaches at SewExpo