Instruction Booklets for Dressmaking & Serging

Dressmaking Instruction Booklets

Awesome Athleisure  Wear it Anywhere Tutorial
Awesome Athleisure Wear it Anywhere Tutorial
Learn to make the most fashionable and wearable versions as you explore the components with an expert. Kathy will show you how pick and size patterns to four-way stretch fabrics with different "negative ease’, how to resource fabrics and notions introducing "Filpar" elastic from Italy and special seaming techniques for both sewing machine. Learn how to copy yoga yokes from finished garments and then fit them to your leggings for a custom fit. You can even make this extra long yoke out of contrasting compression fabric and then upscale your low rise pants to the "Spanks" effect high rise pants that smooth and slim your waistline. Finally, learn to make the garments your own by adding details like pockets and zippers to hold your smart phone securely.
Belts & Accessories
Belts & Accessories
Scarves - Dickey – Ties
Belts Including:
Tassel-tie Belt, Serger Belt, Bow-Tie Belt,Circle Belt
Pallazzl Pants Half-Belt & Liz Clayburn Belt
Breaking the Rules of Sewing
Breaking the Rules of Sewing
Perfect Collar Framed Pocket Notch Collar Fly Front Exposed Teeth (Sport) Zipper Zipper in a Pleated Skirt Sleeve Ease Facings Basic Zipper Unique Shirt #2033 T-Placket & Wrap Cuff Lumpless Collar Joint Interchangable Pattern Parts Donna Karan Shoulders Zipper Hidden in a Pocket
Copies of Readymades
Copies of Readymades
This packet teaches you how to use graphs.
*It includes instructions for how to:
*Use Textured Weft for successful edge finishes
*Two-Layer Chenille to make softer more comfy & “cool” fabric
*Use Transparent Elastic to stabilize seams not on grain & longer than 11″
*Create “New Scoop” neckline & finish that replaces facings with trim
*Adding a ruffle to a skirt hem
*An easy surface embellishment, pattern for Raised Applique & Cord Work
*Match stripes, plaids and border prints
*No-Side-Seam Carol Little Pajama Pant Pattern, Belt-Insert “Hide Your Tummy” elastic waistline
*Make diagonal bound buttonhole pockets
*Convert favorite pattern to a built-on elastic waist finish w a narrow front zipper closing & slashed pockets
Custom Cut Jacket
Custom Cut Jacket
One Pattern Piece Three Styles - Serger Open Front Jacket – Mandarin Zip Front Jacket - Pleated Rectangle Open Front Jacket
Custom Patterns
Custom Patterns
This packet contains pattern graphs and construction notes for: *Crisscross T-Top, Sweat Jacket and Custom Pants
*Make six different open-front jackets from one pattern like Core Wardrobe 8003UO

Learn these techniques: *Pleats & Tabs, Neckline Rectangle, Cuffs, Serger Pockets, Diamond Inserts, Double Piping, Reverse Facings, French Seam for Single Layer Pleated Rectangle Neckline, Lining, Double Layer Pleated Rectangle Neckline, Beading & Color Blocking.
It teaches you how to use one pants pattern:
*Like Core Wardrobe 2002UO and change the leg width and leg length, to crop a Leg and add a Hemband with a slit, gather leg with ties,slit and to add a cuff.

Fit & Embroideries
Fit & Embroideries
THIS IS A SKILLS PACKET - NO PATTERNS INCLUDED *Darts, Spot Fitting, Shortcuts to Fit, Neck width Fitting Adjustment
*Fitting Pants including how to change back crotch curve, All About Ease & Your Personal Ease Chart
*Embroidered Bias Skirt, Kabuki Jacket, Removable Cuffs, Oriental Dress,Top with Sleeves, Snowman Family Jacket & Skirt
*Pattern Drafting-Necklines, adding a Collar, Cuffs, Sleeves, Closures, Hems, Yokes, Pleats & Gathers, Color Blocking, Gathers & Pockets.
“Eat Cookies” Adjustable-Waistband Technique (For a Fitted Skirt With a Zipper) *Two-Gore Bias Flare Skirt
*Skirt With an Elastic Waistband
*Broomstick Skirt
*10 Gore Skirt embellished with your favorite technique plus vertical ruffle inserts
Shoulder Pads
Shoulder Pads
You control the shape and thickness!




Serging Instruction Booklets

Decorative Threads
Decorative Threads
This packet includes:
* How to use patterns on graph!
*Twisted-Bow Sweater, Two or Three Thread Hemming
*Dec-Threads Troubleshooting, Serger Back Stitch
*Serger Recipies for ten Different Threads, Serger Pocket
*Polar Fleece Jacket, Serger Flatlock Formula
*Evening Bag & Cover Stitch Neckline
Includes How to Use Patterns on Graph, Nighty, Jacket, Half Slip, Panties, Camisole, Mail Order Resource.
Solving the Mystery of Tension
Solving the Mystery of Tension
Plus Differential Feed, Sewing Lycra & Serger Jacket with cell phone pocket.
Troubleshooting & Gifts
Troubleshooting & Gifts
How to Use patterns on Graph
*Serger Burrst
*Reversible T -Top
*Troubleshooting Info
*Serger Width
*How to Buy or Update Your Serger
*Serger Cover
*Serger Pouch