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2 thoughts on “Christmas 2011 Dress Purse and Head Piece

  • Sandi Melton

    Excellent video. She and you were delightful. I won the custom patterns booklet in the Landland Center show Serger 911 and was so glad until I opened it later and read it and I jumped for joy! I have sewn garments for years and wanted to makeover several of my favorites as I am retired and downsized. I had purchased the curved ruler years ago to help me ( I was told it was a must have). Only it had no instructions with it and I keep looking at it in my sewing room and sigh. THEN your book told me exactly how to use it and I can begin the unload the doorknobs and reconstruct the “special” garments I had wanted to remake and tweet a little. Then I realized it was meant to be that I got the booklet. I had already listed a long item list to purchase from the class and would have waited to purchase more until I finished my serger workbooks. Thank you again for the gift. I appreciate your talent and patience of your presentation and notions. Sandi