Elastic for Yoga Pants and Leggings

Filpar Elastic

This elastic is So Easy To Stitch, You will enjoy using it! It is manufactured in Italy and used to stabilize the waistline on Yoga Pants and Leggings.It can also be used to stabilize shoulder seams and finish cut edges at necklines and armholes.

Yoga Pangs

This elastic is Chlorine and salt resistant. It is available in White and Black. It is 5/16” wide and 8MM thick. It is made from 100% rubber, with a silicone coating for ease of use. Keep it away from the iron because heat will remove the silicone finish and make it impossible to stitch. Ask me why I know!!!

It is used in applications where a sturdy, but thin elastic is needed. It works great for making thin straps. Sew the elastic into the seamline of the strap so that it turns right-side out without a fuss. Due to its thin profile and silicone coated ribbed surface, Filpar Rubber Elastic co-operates with either a sewing machine or a serger and therefore, feeds through without jamming up under the presser foot. Find this new elastic at http://kathyruddy.com/kathy-ruddys-store/elastic-2/

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