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3 thoughts on “How to fix the Crotch in your Yoga Pants That your Dog Ate!

    • KRuddy Post author

      Sorry to be so late in answering your question. Opps! I did not know about this section on my web site.I was just talking to my Web designer and she introduced it to me.
      Here is your answer. Yoga pants are usually made from cotton lycra knit. I had the same fabric as my granddaughters pants in my stash.
      I would recommend that you do an internet search for that type of fabric OR go to the used clothing store like Value Village and see if you can buy a pair cheap and use this pair as your resource. Keep in mind that this area of your Yoga pants is not very visible so the extra fabric would not have to match perfectly.

    • KRuddy Post author

      Just found this question today. Did not know these existed on my web page.Cut up an old worn out pair or buy cotton single knit or use a worn out pair of undies.