Kathy Ruddy at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo March 1 – 5th


March 1st, 1-5 pm – PreExpo Wednesday Hands On Classes – ROOM 3, PAULHAMUS

SOLD OUT – Pants For You! Personal FIT! and STYLING! – Hands On Workshop (4 hrs. )

Create the only pants pattern you will need for years to come. Measurements and visual keys are the foundation for creating your own custom pants pattern. Kathy will demonstrate how to correctly take measurements as you work in pairs to complete your individual measurement chart. Each member of the class will receive a visual fit chart on which Kathy will analyze and record the changes you’ll be making to your pattern. Using 1/2 scale pattern blocks for fit, you will practice all of the fitting changes on the visual fit chart and practice how to use your pattern block to restyle the leg to follow current and future trends.

Kit Fee $25 Includes Seam Allowance Curve Ruler, drafting pen, practice patterns and technique tutorial. SUPPLY LIST: Basic sewing supplies, good paper scissors, Scotch tape and four sheets of printer paper

March 5th, Sun., 8:30am-10:00am – Shirts, Sheers and Skinny Pants 8:30am-10:00am – ROOM F, SHOWPLEX

During a trip to NYC, Kathy observed how great women of all sizes and shapes looked in this type of outfit: a long shirt with a yoke for better fit, chiffon for the ultra-feminine look and skinny pants to complete the so-slimming ensemble. Join Kathy as she shares her know-how and great tips for making these three pieces. For shirts: Learn fast ways to sew collars, add yokes and length to make fitting easier. For sheers: Learn how to stabilize and cut, the proper needles and threads, seams and hems.

For skinny pants: Learn how to redraw your pant leg from straight to skinny. Includes Step by step tutorial with complete instructions and pictures plus live camera projected on viewing screen for easy closeup viewing.  click here to sign up for class NOW.

45 minute Seminars

March, Thurs. 2nd & Sat. 4th 4:15-5:15 – Serger 9-1-1 – 4:15-5:15 – ROOM B, SHOWPLEX

If you have a serger and barely use it or want to use it with greater proficiency, then it’s time to get to know how it operates from the inside out. Learn all about burrs, how width is used to improve stitches, and how to create a perfect balanced-tension control strip to use for each new fabric and thread. Discover a sequential tension formula that works on any model and all thread types. And, a five-minute serger pocket that can be added to any pattern. click here to sign up for class NOW.

Fri. March, Fri., 3rd & Sun. 5th, – Zip It Up & All About Elastic – 12:30 to 1:15 – Showplex Room B

Leave your fear of zippers behind forever! Learn to install smooth zippers in all types of fabrics on curved or straight seams. Learn how to select good elastic and successfully measure and sew through it. Learn how to use elastic to make your clothes fit and be comfortable. After this class you will even be using zippers and elastic for accents. click here to sign up for class NOW.

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